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Viggi, the woman behind all that we offer, started creating jewelry in the winter of 1982 with a few diamonds and a bundle of ideas. Working with her husband, Danny, Viggi fashioned intricate and elaborate designs beloved by a small but exclusive clientele.

The demand for Viggi's jewelry & Danny's diamonds led to the creation of Jewels by Viggi, selling jewelry to customers all over the world. In the 30 years since its inception, the boutiques of Jewels by Viggi have been synonymous with style, elegance and beauty.

Working with her husband's family, which has over 60 years' experience in sourcing and polishing diamonds, Viggi is able to create beautiful jewelry at equally attractive prices. Her imagination, attention to detail and love of the customer are the pillars of Jewels by Viggi. Online, or in one of our boutiques, you'll see Viggi's love of the luxurious shine through.