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Something Unique? Try Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

We offer a wide range of great diamonds for our customers, including some things that are quite rare. If you are thinking about asking your girlfriend to marry you, why not look for a ring that is going to be as unique and beautiful as she is? One great option is the pink diamond engagement rings that we sell here at Viggi. These are some of the most attractive rings available. Your significant other will absolutely love them since they really stand out from the crowd, and will draw everyone's attention. We have a wide range of different pink diamond engagement rings to choose from, so you'll definitely be able to get exactly what you're looking for. Our pink diamonds come in a variety of sizes and cuts, and even the shade of pink will be different on each stone. With all these decisions to make, take a little time to look at the different options we have available to choose from.

Oval Diamond Pave Engagement Ring

Another remarkable option that we can provide is the oval diamond pave engagement ring. The paved appearance of the band helps to make the center stone look bigger, and actually appear like it is floating above your finger. This really takes the idea of a solitaire engagement ring and brings it to a whole new level. This is one type of ring that we are sure your girlfriend will love when you ‘pop the question' and she becomes your fiancée. Many people love this oval diamond pave engagement ring because it is such a unique style. Everything about the ring will stand out and look great in any situation. Whether she is showing it off to friends and family, or just walking through the supermarket, she will get an endless stream of compliments at just how beautiful her ring is. Of course, whenever she hears these compliments she will be reminded of the special love that you two share.

Radiant Diamond Engagement Ring

If you're looking for a diamond shape that is a step above the ordinary, you will want to consider the radiant cut. Radiant diamond engagement rings are among the brightest and most brilliant on the market today. When you see the way they shine, you will understand why they are the perfect choice for many different people. They are almost square, but the corners are flattened in to provide even more facets for the light to bounce off of. This will make them bright and beautiful. Your bride to be will absolutely love the radiant diamond engagement ring, and will happily wear it with pride for the rest of her life. Remember, you are likely only going to be asking one woman to marry you, so make sure you choose a ring, and a diamond, that you will be happy to have your wife wear for the rest of your life. To make sure everything is perfect; take some time to look through our extensive selection of beautiful diamonds to find the one that matches her style and personality the best.