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Why Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

When looking at the different types of diamond cuts you will quickly see that there are a lot to choose from. Many customers begin their shopping experience thinking that the only options are those that are best known, like round, princess and marquee. The fact is, however, that there are about ten different cuts, or shapes, that you can pick from. We'll discuss just three of these options here, starting with oval diamond engagement rings. The oval cut, as the name implies, is shaped like an oval. It is an excellent choice for many people because it fits nicely in most types of settings, and it sparkles beautifully. Since it is slightly taller than it is wide, many people find that the oval cut diamond engagement rings draw more attention and can really stand out. In addition, depending on the setting you choose, they can appear to be larger than they actually are, which many people love. If you haven't already looked at this beautiful option, it should definitely be something you consider.

Why Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Another option that is sometimes overlooked by shoppers is the asscher cut diamond engagement ring. At first glance you might mistake this style for either a princess or an emerald cut, but it is actually quite different when you get closer. The asscher cut has eight sides to it, with the four sides that make up the corners being somewhat smaller than the other four sides. This cut has more angles to it than most other types, which can make it brighter and more dazzling. For many people, this is a great way to get an extremely attractive diamond while still getting something truly unique. Your significant other will absolutely love showing off her asscher cut diamond engagement ring, and it will surely be extremely impressive for all who see it.

Why Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings are highlighted by a stone that is nearly a rectangle at first look, but the corners are much more rounded. Even when compared to the emerald cut, this style has a much smoother look and feel to it. Many people are surprised at just how magnificent the shine is from this diamond, which is why it is quickly becoming more popular. If you consider a cushion cut diamond engagement ring, notice how the curved corners can really make the entire stone stand out in a beautiful and unique way. Many of our customers have commented on just how elegant this type of diamond is, and how much their fiancé loves the ring.

Shopping for Diamonds

By looking at these three incredible diamond shapes you'll quickly see just how much variety there is when shopping for diamonds. In order to ensure you get the exact engagement ring that you and your significant other will love, make sure you take the time necessary to look at all your options. Using our interactive site, you can design your own ring, which will be hand crafted in NYC just for you.