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Choosing a 5 Carat Diamond Ring

For some things, bigger really is better. For example, when you are looking to get an engagement ring for the special lady in your life, most people would agree that the bigger the diamond, the better. Of course, you can't sacrifice on the quality of the stone either, but the size is usually the most important factor. If you are interested in getting a 5 carat diamond ring, you have come to the right place. We have an excellent selection of high quality, large diamonds that you can choose from. You won't just be getting any 5 carat diamond ring, however. You'll get a handmade, beautifully cut diamond ring that your bride to be will absolutely love. In addition to being thrilled that she will be soon getting married, she will also enjoy showing off her ring to all her friends and family. Remember, you are likely only going to be getting engaged once, so make sure you do it right by creating the perfect ring for your future wife.

Why Big Diamond Rings

Some people question whether or not it is a good idea to purchase big diamond rings when getting engaged. They may suggest that it is smarter to save some money on the ring, so you can start off your marriage with more money in the bank. While this is a good option for some, it is not right for everyone. Remember, high quality diamonds will hold their value very well, and this is something that your wife will wear for the rest of her life. When you look at it as an accessory that she will love for 50+ years in many cases, it becomes clear that it is an excellent investment. In addition, big diamond rings simply look and feel amazing on her finger. She will love the way it glitters and shines when the light hits it. She'll also love showing it off to friends and family. This is, after all, a symbol of your love and commitment to each other, so doesn't it make sense to get the best ring you possibly can?

Custom Handmade Diamond Rings

When you buy a diamond engagement ring from us, you won't just be getting a ring with a big rock on it. We offer handmade diamond rings to all our customers. The rings are made by our expert jewelers here in New York, and then delivered right to you. We have customers from throughout the country to have come to us because they know we have the best handmade diamond rings anywhere. You can choose everything you want about the ring, including the setting, the carat weight of the diamond, the cut and much more. When you work with us, you can be entirely sure that you are getting a ring that is as beautiful and unique as the love you share between you and your future fiancé. So, if you're thinking about popping the question, take some time first to browse through our impressive our selection of diamonds.