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Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Picking out the type of cut you want for your diamond is an extremely important choice. It is even more important when you are picking out a diamond engagement ring for the special lady in your life. If you are thinking about a princess cut diamond engagement ring, you will undoubtedly love many of the great aspects of this bold style. The princess cut is a perfectly square diamond, which allows it to sparkle and shine beautifully. The fact that it is perfectly square makes it an ideal choice for a solitaire engagement ring, and it can also be used as a center piece that is complimented by other diamonds. Women have loved princess cut diamond engagement rings for years, which is why they are always a popular choice. This cut can actually make the diamond appear larger than it is, which is another thing that makes it such a popular choice.

Radiant Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Another excellent option is the radiant cut diamond solitaire engagement ring. This type of cut is longer than it is wide, which can give it a stunning look in your ring. In addition, it has three different sized edges in a perfectly symmetrical design, which makes it a very attractive choice. This is a highly recommended cut when going with a solitaire style ring, but it can also be used with other diamonds if you choose the right setting. When you choose a radiant cut diamond solitaire engagement ring, you'll absolutely love how much light it brings in and shines out. It will be sure to catch the eye of everyone in the area, so they will be completely impressed with your ring. Once you see this cut, you'll quickly understand just how it got its name. This style is truly a radiant choice that you and your loved one will enjoy very much.

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The emerald cut diamond engagement ring has been among the most popular choices for years, and it is easy to see why. This is a classic choice, especially for engagement rings. The cut is almost a rectangle, but the corners are straightened out to further improve the way that it will shine and sparkle in the light. For many people, the emerald cut diamond is the brightest and most beautiful option available today. If you're thinking about getting an emerald cut diamond engagement ring for the special lady in your life, you will love all the different options we have available. Our certified emerald cut diamonds will be put into the setting of your choice by our expert jewelers here in New York. Once done, it will be delivered directly to you, no matter where in the country you live, so you can give it to your bride to be. Whether you choose a princess cut, a radiant cut or an emerald cut, we can help get you the perfect engagement ring. After you ‘pop the question' you can enjoy watching your new fiancé show off her new ring to all your friends and family.